The Anatomy of a Goal

My new regular spot for looks at various famous and infamous goals throughout football history…

Football in the Net - Goal!Victor Industrie Services GmbH produces a wide range of scoreboards for various sports. For football, there is the “SportsScorer” to help keep a record of the precious commodity that goals are. After all, without keeping score, a match would be relegated to being merely a “kick-about.”

From the grassroots game and “jumpers for goalposts,” through to the FIFA World Cup Final – goals are the currency of football. The Anatomy of a Goal is my own regular contribution to SportsScorer’s blog, in which I hope to explore and celebrate the many aspects that come together to create that split second of sporting divinity.


You can find the opening blog post here -> , which explains more about its aims.


First up was a look at quite simply the greatest goal ever scored.  

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Graffito of Diego Maradona - Anatomy of a GoalDiego Maradona vs England







Frank Worthington wonder goalFrank Worthington’s wonder strike for Bolton Wanderers in 1979…






Denis Law Celebrates Scoring for Manchester United

Denis Law

Denis Law’s Backheeled Goal and Manchester United’s Relegation in 1974.







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