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I am Stuart Howard-Cofield (aka “twig” – boring story), a late-30s grumpy ex-season ticket holder at Manchester United and founder member of FC United of Manchester.

I scribble a lot, mostly about sports. The results make it on to these pages and sometimes elsewhere—I have been employed as the resident blogger for a scoreboard manufacturer, as a Featured Columnist on Bleacher Report, and my work can be found on numerous websites and in print. And it isn’t all football. Please contact me for further information.


The blog has moved on from grumpiness and the name probably doesn’t fit too well any more. Writing Grumpy Old Fan bacame too enjoyable an outlet for my musings.

Grumpy Old Fan is now open for guest contributions.

I’ve put links to some of the pages my articles have graced on one page, here and there is a link to my online portfolio here:


Some nice stuff that other people have said:

The Guardian’s Sid Lowe tweeted the following

recently, Paolo Bandini of the same newspaper included me in a list of “must read” articles in July 2013:

David Conn commented on another:

and stadiums expert and “football ground man” Simon Inglis cast doubt over my grumpiness…

If anyone has anything to get off their chest – please feel free to comment or send in articles for inclusion. Likewise, if anyone would like me to write for them – please get in touch.

Contact details, twitter etc. are found here: