Sports Betting Tips from Sports Information Traders & Expert Handicappers

English Football betting and American Football betting can be two entirely different things.

The best way to make money betting on Soccer is to wager on the totals and proposition bets for a game. In America the most popular betting event of the year is the NFL’s Super Bowl. In this game there are over 100 props to wager on and they have almost become as popular as the game itself according to Sports Betting Expert Jon Price. Price is famous for his big Million dollar wager on Floyd Mayweather and has been renowned as one of Las Vegas most feared sports bettors according to the Huffington Post.

Wagering is not easy. There is a lot to know and understand. If you need to use a sports betting service to assist you do not be afraid. Statistics say that 82% of those who bet on sports use a service to help them. Learning what betting lines mean and how they move can be extremely difficult.

Daily fantasy sports is another market angle – the likes of Fan Duel and Draft Kings offer the chance to take money from other players, much like online poker. For serious betting, however, the challenge – and the bigger reward – lies in taking money from the house. And a variety of different sportsbooks and options allow flexibility and a chance to lower risk.

Here are the some of the other best sports betting tips for those who want to make money betting on football and soccer in 2016 and beyond.

First, don’t always bet on your favorite team. Just because they are an underdog on the road and you love them does not mean that is a good wager. Professional punters and handicappers in Las Vegas, Nevada look for situations where novices bet on their favorite team and create more favorable betting odds and opportunities as the betting lines shift from where they open at to where the public moves them to because they love one team more than another.

A good example of this is when the Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings. The public absolutely loves the Packers and wagers heavily on Aaron Rodgers but not so much the Minnesota Vikings. So this will create a discrepancy and the oddsmakers in Vegas know this. So they will create a line that prices in the public favoring the Packers but when a certain amount of public money moves to the Packers you have a great opportunity to bet on the Vikings when the line turns to a favorable number.

Never gamble while intoxicated. Going to see your favorite soccer or football team play is fun. You have a few beers at the stadium and a lot during the tailgate. Its fine when rooting on your team but not when betting on them. You can make big mistakes when you are wasted and you need to be of sound mind when placing wagers. Betting is real and the money you can make can change your life. You want to be sober and remember it.


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