Prince Ali says “Stay Tuned” For News of FIFA Presidency Bid

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein fell just short of officially announcing his candidacy for the next FIFA presidential elections at the opening of the Soccerex Global Convention 2015 in Manchester – although he clearly hinted that he would do so. He didn’t hold back on many other issues affecting the game, though.

In a candid and forthright interview with David Davies, His Royal Highness lamented a “lost year” for FIFA in its bid to repair an “extremely” damaged brand.

Supporters and sponsors are concerned, he said, and there is “no time to waste” to begin the rebuilding process.

Prince Ali commented on the need for transparency and openness and called for an end to the secrecy that shrouds the organisation.


Further issues raised in the discussion were:

  • The spectre of intimidation during the FIFA presidential election processes must be banished
  • Any candidate for FIFA presidency ought not to be “tainted with the past”
  • FIFA must state “What we are, who we are and what money is being spent on.”
  • The disparity in salaries and finances between the men’s and women’s game needed to be addressed by ensuring that the increased sponsorship and marketing revenue seen at the recent World Cup in Canada be funnelled back to the women’s game
  • Any future World Cup bid be from a country with basic human rights

“People love football. The reputation of FIFA is the opposite. That is a real shame.”

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, Soccerex Global Convention 2015



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