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Finding Sanctuary.

What is it that makes us feel at home as a football fan? We are drawn to a particular club and call one stadium our home, but as football clubs become global brands, are we becoming less the faithful congregation and more just customers?

Can we find sanctuary elsewhere?

I recently had my attention drawn to a book written by a Benedictine monk, Abbot Christopher Jamison, called Finding Sanctuary. The book followed a television series where people withdrew from the modern world for a short time to live with monks, who would help them to de-stress, to shed their consumer lifestyle and to find their own sanctuary.

On the face of it, not much to do with football, then—but I couldn’t help drawing a couple of parallels in an article that I wrote for Issue Two of the football magazine The Football Pink. The piece sweeps wildly from tales of the aforementioned monks, to the outcry at ticket prices for away fans; and from the boulangeries of Paris, to supporter-owned football clubs.

Originally available on kindle only, the article is now available in full on the magazine’s website, along with many excellent football stories and links to purchase the latest (and back) issues of the magazine. It is well worth a look and you can read more by clicking here: The Football Pink or on the image…

Finding Sanctuary Article from The Football Pink

Finding Sactuary. The Football Pink

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