Chelsea FC’s Lack of Confidence Shows End is Near for Torres

Fernando Torres’ Chelsea torment continued on Wednesday night.

Despite commenting on the “ridiculous”  defending that led to Paris Saint-Germain’s third goal in the UEFA Champions League clash, Jose Mourinho was keen to place the focus firmly on Chelsea FC’s misfiring forwards.


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Mourinho is often lauded as a master of psychology.  His striker-less starting line-up and public outburst about a lack of “real strikers” (as per the Independent) caused debate as to the motivation behind his words.

Was it an attempt to get a response from the players? Or to send a message to the Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovic. Further heavy investment is required in the squad?

Whatever the motive, outing the players in such a manner is an interesting move by a manager that is usually intent on creating a strong bond throughout his sides.

This was a feature that eventually went missing at Real Madrid. His treatment of club legend Iker Casillas appeared to cause a split in the dressing room. The Mirror reported that the fallout from this precipitated his downfall in the Spanish capital.

Torres Outside the Circle of Trust.

Mourinho usually likes to build a circle of trust within his group of players. The arrival of Samuel Eto’o at the start of his second stint with Chelsea was a symbol of this. Here was a player who starred in the Inter Milan side that won the UEFA Champions League under Mou.

If Eto’o was clearly a  trusted cohort, what did his signing say of Fernando Torres and Demba Ba?

This week in my regular blog (The Anatomy of a Goal) for the scoreboard manufacturer, SportsScorer, I wrote about one of the greatest attributes required by any striker: Self Confidence. The post looks at confidence and trust between players and coaches.

Ba has barely had a look-in under Mourinho, but the manager’s outburst appears to have been predominantly aimed at Fernando Torres.  The Spaniard is a ghost of his former self and the end of the line for him at Chelsea is surely near. His fate has been sealed by Jose Mourinho’s vote of no confidence.


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