My main reason for writing this blog is for pleasure. However, I have been lucky enough to receive some paid work recently. Time constraints often mean that any priority for written work now goes to the paid options.

Therefore, occasionally, posts may be included on the site which have advertising or affiliate links. I will receive payment in exchange for writing these articles. My policy is that I usually only accept requests for such posts on the basis that the content is written by myself, that the links are in context with my posts and that I believe will be of interest to readers.

I will not let the editorial of the site be compromised or altered by adding them. In other words, I would be writing the piece for the site in any event.

All links are vetted before being added and each post will be marked up with a disclosure.


Advertorial or “sponsored posts” from outside parties will be considered on merit, i.e. if I think that the subject matter would be of interest to readers and, once again, that it would not compromise the editorial of the site. These will be rare and any such posts will be highlighted as “guest posts” and not passed off as my own work.


For any enquiries, please contact me through this form.