Grumpy Old Fan sketch

Sketch by Leo Howard-Cofield

Stuart Howard-Cofield began Grumpy Old Fan towards the end of 2011 as an outlet for venting some of his frustrations with the modern game.

At the time, he was blissfully unaware of the vast number of high-quality football blogs that existed,but has since explored this world thoroughly. His enjoyment in being a part of this vibrant community has since rendered the name of his own blog virtually obsolete.

As his passion for sports writing has grown it has afforded him the experience of reporting from the press room and press conferences at UEFA Champions League matches, earned him praise from some fine football journalists (see below), seen him interviewed on TV and Radio and resulted in numerous articles published both online and in print.


Grumpy Old Fan is now open to anyone who would like to contribute to its pages.


Some nice stuff that other people have said:

The Guardian’s Sid Lowe tweeted the following

recently, Paolo Bandini of the same newspaper included me in a list of “must read” articles in July 2013:

  David Conn commented on another:

  and stadiums expert and “football ground man” Simon Inglis cast doubt over my grumpiness…


If anyone has anything to get off their chest – please feel free to comment or send in articles for inclusion.